Premium economy class



Today economy class seats are very annoying with their limited space. Many airlines now are addressing new seating class called premium economy. Some offers priority check in, separate toilets, and additional legroom space. check out Japan airline and Virgin Atlantic new premium economy classes. Judging from the photos i like virgin’s premium the most. you might think what this has to do with health, well it does. economy class is linked with a disorder called Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT). And unless you move alot while you are in the economy class try to take the premium

Comparison between different classes in BA


British Airways
  Pitch Width Recline
Economy 32″ 18″ 5″
Premium 38″ 19″ 7″
Business 73″ 20″ 180°
Power ports, separate bathrooms. With a much better seat and these extras for a fare that’s $3, 200 cheaper than business class, it’s hard to argue.  Booking is easy to boot.

2 thoughts on “Premium economy class

  1. I found an entry I can read!

    Isn’t there also a difference with premium that you sit at the front of the plane, which is way healthier than sitting at the back of the plane because of the way air is circulated?

    Dying laughing at how my sentences are punctuated!

  2. Not sure about the circulated air but i think ya the front is better. I once saw an air filter that u can wear like a necklace and it traps everything even bacteria, and they marketed it to be used everywhere especially for public transportation since many diseases are transmitted via this route.

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